Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hantaran Fresh Flowers (Recent artworks 2015)

Salam and Hi!

It has been a while kan? 

Tak aktif sangat dah berblogging.

If you want to see TCP recent artworks please follow our instagram @thecraftpotion or like our Facebook page The Craft Potion.

Now let the photos do the talking... These are the photos of our recent hantaran decor (All fresh flowers).

We love simplicity in our touch...

If you are interested, kindly whatsapp/SMS/call us at 01129139731 for faster replies.

Cream & White Fresh Flowers Hantarans

Peachy Pink Hantarans 

Bright Yellow & Pink & Purple Hantarans 

 Mint Green, Turquoise & Cream Hantarans

 All White Hantarans 

 Pink Hantarans 

 Baby Blue & Yellow Hantarans (Premium flower package )

Blush Pink, Pink & White Hantarans 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hantaran Fresh Flowers Purple & Sexy Red

Package Normal decor hantarans. All fresh flowers, 9 trays and free 1 handbouquet!

For enquiry/booking, 011 29139731 or email

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hantaran Fresh Flowers purple, pink, red & lilac

 Hi, lama tak update blog right? Okay so hari ni nak update banyak2 ni ;)

Hantaran purple, red, lilac and pink. All fresh flowers. Any enquiry, boleh whatsapp 01129139731 ya! 

Thanks all ;) 

Free handbouquet worth RM150 customer :)

Ini pula review or testimonial from customer. Superlove this customer sebab baik and cool sgt :)