Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wooden tray for rent / Dulang Hantaran Berkaki untuk disewa (White)

Dulang Kaki White Saiz M

M Size

Dulang Kaki White Size S

S size

White Wooden tray/ Dulang Hantaran Berkaki for Rent
Size :
M (Medium Size)& S (Small Size)
Rental Charges : 
RM10 (S size) , RM 12 (M size) / per unit
Available Units
9 units (S size) , 2 units (M size)
Rental period : 
10 days maximum
Measurement : 
Size S - 9.75" (length) x 9.75" (width)
Size M- 9.75" (width) x 12.8" (length)
Deposit :
 50% of total price for numbers of dulang to rent. 
*Please be advised that :
1) Deposit is separate from rental payment
2) Deposit will be returned once all rented dulang has been returned in satisfactory condition
3) Rental payment has to be made upon delivery of items
4) Deposit has to be paid upon reservation of items to block your date 
5) Delivery is available upon request. However, delivery charges will be imposed accordingly.


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  1. hi!
    i interested nk sewa this wooden tray
    xdpt diskaun ke kalau sewa sume?hehe

    leh tau x tinggi wooden tray ni berapa?

    reply to my emel yea?

    tq ;)

  2. Salam..
    interested dgn ur tray.. bg sy quotation n picture yg lebih detail berisi brg ke boleh x? email me to tqvm